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 Advertise Event

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PostSubject: Advertise Event   Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:58 pm

Advertise event started lets make a epic start Wink

Advertise our server everywhere you want like : facebook,skype,social media,sms,call,msn,forums twitter,l2topsites depends your imagination Wink

How it should looks:

Lineage 2 Averia interlude custom server. Free and Unique in every way.
Our team working every day and developing the greatest game atmosphere,
class balance to offer our players the best Lineage 2 Experience.

Homepage -->

Join US!

- Experience (XP): x80
- Skill Points (SP): x55
- Drop (Adena): x200
- Drop (Items): x1

The list of the features you can check on the website.
Server will launch on (30.03.2016)

In order too take your rewards we need some pictures (send a message here on a moderator)

30 pictures :  Reward +5 weapon of your choise

Note : Before You Post Your Pictures We Need Your Name in the picture and some proofs about scam etc...
players who gonna scam simple they will not take reward
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Advertise Event
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